Delphia Yachts is pleased to announce the launch of Around The World Delphia Project.

Expected route includes the following areas:

Start from BREST (France)
- Atlantic Ocean - a route to the south
- passing the Cape of Good Hope
- Indian Ocean - a route to the east
- passing Cape Leeuwin
- Pacific Ocean - a route to the east and south-east
- circumnavigation of Cape Horn
- Atlantic Ocean - a route to the north
The cruise will finish at the port of BREST.


Prestart - Sopot, Molo - May 14, 2011.
Start right - BREST - early July 2011.
anticipated duration of the cruise - 300 days.

Cruise has been reported (in a class of single-hull yachts and sailing alone nonstop around the world) to the World Sailing Speed Record Council established by the International Yacht Racing Union (now known as the International Sailing Federation) in 1972


Captain takes with him:
almost 3 tons of equipment, including 1.5 tons of drinking water
over a 850 gallons of fuel
wind and solar power generators
satellite communications system
satellite camera for direct broadcast

cruise' motto: "In the center of the world of Polish copper is a man. Among the elements of earth, with which a man struggles and works..."


Tomasz Cichocki
(ur. 05.11.1957r. )
35 years of experience, Masuria, Baltic, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
Swim the seas (more than 26 thousand miles) and twice (in one season), sailing across the Atlantic alone.


Delphia 40.3 named POLISH COPPER.
length - 11,95 m
width of 3.94 m
sail area - 78.1 sq.m.


Krzysztof Mikunda, Agencja Reklamowa MATRIX s.c.
tel: 609 107 322