Delphia Yachts established new dealership with Sejlerliv Gruppen based in Randers in Denmark.

The company was founded in 1995 by Peter Poulsen. He is bottled up with sailing since childhood, with parents back in 1978 purchased their first sailboat. Peter Poulsen has always worked in business and in 1990 he ended up in the boating sector, at a local boat dealer in Randers. In 1995 began his own boat company - Sejlerliv.

In March 1997 the agency opened the exhibition in Randers. With a steady increase in turnover was launched a much-needed expansion in summer 2007. The existing space was expanded from 1,600 m2 to 2,650 m2. Apart from better exhibition facilities there where build a proper work shop for fitting in equipment in boat up to 50 foot.

After many months of preparatory bought A/S Knudshoved Harbour, owned by Peter Poulsen and his family in February 2009 the old DSB ferry port at Knudshoved / Nyborg on east Fyn (very central of Denmark). The aim is to rebuild the old ferry port to a modern marina. With a port basin of 342,000 m2 plus 205.000 m2 on land the marina will become one of the largest in Northern Europe. Sejlerliv Gruupen are moving the activities to the marina with a new showroom with 4000m2 in 2011-2012.

Delphia Yachts will become a part of the Sejlerliv Group. Peter Poulsen, owner of the Sejlerliv Gruppen, says: “I was looking for a well known brand that had already shown its value. It was furthermore important to find a brand with a perfect balance between design, sailing skills, quality and price. Having so many conditions to fulfill the possibilities narrows down to only a few brands. We choose Delphia as the best in the market” “We will introduce 3 yachts and the very strong concept at the national boat show in February 2011.”