1. Delphia Yachts Marina is open for units of hull length up to 18 m and draught up to 3.0 m.

2. Crews of vessels using the Marina's yacht pool are required to inform the Marina's Boatswain about each arrival and departure via mobile phone or personally.

3. Each launch and slipway of units can be carried out only after obtaining Boatswain's consent.


4. Cranes with a carrying capacity of less than 60 tonnes are allowed to pass.

5. The Marina's Boatswain allocates a unit's lay-time spot.

6. Spots allocated to units are not permanent. Upon the request of the Marina's Management, a crew is obliged to moor a unit to a different spot.

7. If an owner of a unit (or crew) cannot be contacted with, the Marina's Boatswain can moot a unit to a different spot.

8. Upon the Boatswain's request, each captain is required to submit documents of a unit and its crew.

9. All formal issues connected with the lay-time in the Marina, including the fees, should be taken care of in the office immediately after mooring in the Marina.


10. Lay-time fees are included in the price list for a given sailing season.

11. Fees for lay-time spots in the Marina are made in cash in advance for a declared lay-time period. Bank transfer payment can be made only with consent of the Marina's Management.

12. If a unit uses its lay-time spot for a longer period than the one covered by the payment, the crew should immediately make a payment for the additional days.

13. Each unit that does not settle the fee or refuses to sign relevant documents will be asked by the Marina's Management (in the presence of the Police, Marine Inspection or harbour master’s office, if necessary) to immediately leave the Marina. Moreover, if a crew is behind with payments, the Marina's Management will file an appropriate application for an entry in the register of insolvent debtors of the National Court Register.

14. A unit that does not report its departure from the Marina will have to pay further amounts due for the lay-time.


15. Mechanical driven units are required to navigate in the port at a minimum speed.

16. Without the Management's consent it is forbidden to conduct manoeuvring trials inside the Marina.

17. It is forbidden to carry out any activity that could pollute the environment or pose hazards for humans, animals or the property, including in particular:

a) disposal of waste overboard - waste should be sealed in plastic bags and collected at waste segregation points;

b) pour diesel fuel, gasoline and use chemical substances in a manner that pollutes the environment;

c) repair units on the water and the wharf without the Management's consent;

d) drag anchors;

e) use loud sound signals;

f) conduct trade and gainful employment on the territory of bridges, breakwaters and quays without prior consent of the Marina's management;

g) jump into the water and swim around the yacht basin;

h) fish on breakwaters, wharves and bridges.

18. It is forbidden to obstruct and block the bridges as well as create dangerous situations for people and vessels.

19. Crews are required to comply with fire regulations.

20. The crew and Management of the Marina are not responsible for damage to yachts or their equipment.

21. It is recommended to insure yachts and keep night watches.

22. It is forbidden to use and park mechanized vehicles 7m from the wharf.

23. It is recommended to conduct safe mooring by placing mooring lines, springs, etc.


24. The Marina's car parking spaces are payable. Parking prices are included in a price list for a given sailing season. The Marina's parking spaces are not monitored.

25. After signing an agreement with the Management, it is possible to place advertisements on the territory of the Marina.

26. Advertisements that are not agreed upon with the Marina's Management will be dismantled and disposed of at the expense of the advertisement's owner.

27. All persons residing on the territory of the Marina are obliged to comply with the following regulations and instructions.

28. Arrival to the Marina and use of its services is tantamount to accepting the terms and conditions covered by this Regulation.

29. All crew members will be jointly responsible for damage made to the harbour or its equipment and pollution of the environment. Damage will be calculated based on a protocol of loss.

30. If the provisions of the Regulations and other applicable laws are not followed (a note made by the Boatswain), appropriate departments are entitled to intervene: Police, Municipal Police, Marine Inspection, Harbour Master, Border Guard. They are to restore the lawful state of affairs and punish those guilty of infringement. The unit whose crewman has committed an infringement loses all discounts provided in the price list.

31. To all matters not settled herein applicable laws shall apply including the International Regulations for Prevention of Pollution at Sea "Marpol 73/78 Convention", "Helsinki 74 Convention", Resolution of the Director of Maritime Office in Gdynia, No. 3 dated 18 July 2000. Port Regulations (OJ, Pom. Voiv. No. 78, item 474, as amended) and other provisions of law issued under Article 48 of the Law of 21 March 1991 on the Polish Sea Areas and the maritime administration.