Uttern boats production in the shipyard Delphia Yachts

Delphia Yachts, famous throughout the world as a manufacturer of sailing yachts, also produces a range of motor boats. With some 20 years’ experience and its professional reputation, Delphia is trusted partner to numerous companies in the marine industry such as Brunswick Marine in EMEA. Brunswick Marine owns several brands including Quicksilver, Sea Ray and Arvor and have decided to entrust the Delphia Yachts boatyard with their next project - the production of Uttern boats.
Uttern motor boats have gained their greatest popularity in the Scandinavian market. In collaboration with Delphia Yachts, Brunswick Marine has introduced many changes to the existing models ranging from changes in design, external appearance through technological improvements and use of new production methods.
The Delphia Yachts boatyard currently produces 8 Uttern models ranging in length from 5.8 to 6.9 meters.